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The Zendemic Platform

The platform application, called Zendemic, connects you to the peer to peer Zendemic network.

There is no home base, or mother ship, or master server somewhere that Zendemic calls home to. All machines connected to the network are equally part of the network.

It is as if all of the machines connected to the Zendemic network are part of a giant server farm. Everybody gets to make use of the farm, and everybody contributes by being part of it.

There is a bootstrapping process by which newly added members of the network have to have some way of finding a starting point to attach to the larger Zendemic network.

So there is a default go-to location to find other Zendemic peers, but once that lookup is done, it is never needed again, and in the future I expect it won't be needed at all because there will be enough Zendemic members online at any given moment, that it will be easy to randomly find some peer to connect to.


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