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Privacy Policy

This page serves to explain what data is captured and stored and shared by the zendemic suite of applications.

Basically nothing. Or at least nothing that you don't make an effort to share.

Zendemic is a peer to peer application framework. There is no central server to send data to, there is nowhere for anything to be collected.

What the application will do, is spread the information you provide to peers so it can be used to find you again if a peer wants to communicate with you.

So for example zendemic sync will send the files you want to sync, but only with the recipient to whom you want to sync it that has the shared secret. The data is encrypted end to end with that shared secret as a key, so no other parties will have anything but bits and pieces of the encrypted data at most.

The main zendemic application allows you to enter an email and a display name. This is shared in cleartext with peers so that if they want to communicate with you, that's how they know who you are. All the applications that send other data require a shared secret to function to send that data, so only the email and display name you provide will be shared around publicly.

The only 3rd party tool I use that has any communcation ability is the ad system. and this is all google, so lord knows what they're doing, but that's on them. I have no control over it.

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