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Zendemic Sync

Zendemic Sync is an application that allows you to easily share files with another member or a group or the public at large.

If for example you have a photo you wanted to send to your family, normally you would upload it to some photo sharing site, and send the intended recipients an email with the link that, when clicked, will enable them to view to the picture.

With Zendemic Sync, you would instead copy the picture to a folder you had designated as shared with a particular group, and Zendemic would take care of synchronizing the file with the other members of the group.

No emails to send, and more importantly, no third party has a copy of your photo. It is sent from your machine to the recipient's machine, all encrypted end to end, and that's it. Nobody else has anything of yours.

Similarly you could use this synchronization technique to share information publicly with any number of people by making available the shared group name so anybody who wanted to could join the group and get a copy of any files you wanted to share.

All simply and automatically, and without any big third party company involvement.

As of 6/6/2014 Zendemic Sync is available for download from the early adopter downloads link.

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