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Zendemic Object Store

One of the long term goals of zendemic is to provide a universal data storage mechanism for all users, comprised of storage donated by those same users.

This data storage can be used for application functionality or for backing up your valuable data or any other use you would normally use disk storage for.

No more dropbox, no more google drive.

The first piece of this solution is the zendemic object store.

This application lays the groundwork for higher level abstractiions like block device storage, file based storage and key-value data storage.

By installing the zendemic object store you can use other zendemic user's disk space for remote backup storage, and in trade you volunteer some of your disk storage for use by others.

Zos has built in redundancy so you can store data on multiple remote nodes so if one becomes unavailable, you can still get at your data from one of the copies.

All remotely stored data is encrypted on a per-object basis and is compressed so it will likely take less data on the remote machine as it does on yours.

Likewise other people using your shared disk will be taking up less space on your disk than on theirs.

Zos will include tools to validate the state of your remote data and freshen it to make sure there are at least the desired number of copies available.

It will self-prune so that old and stale data will be removed from your local storage as it expires, no manual cleanup will be neccesary.

Zos is just the first part of a number of storage layers to be built as part of the zendemic storage system, but even by itself, it can be used to store data over a number of remote nodes, be they large SANs or raspberry pis.


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