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Zendemic Messaging

There are many problems with internet email, and you can't really blame the inventors, they were pioneering a new form of communication and couldn't possibly see the future decades away of what would happen with it.

Zendemic Messaging provides a way to avoid some of the mess of internet email by allowing you to securely send a message to somebody on the Zendemic network.

Like other Zendemic Applications, there is no third party mail server involved. You send the message from your machine to the recipient's machine, encrypted at all times, and nobody else ever gets to see it or scan it for content or glean information about you from it.

You can send arbitrary sizes files directly from your phone to another phone without going through any third party store-and-forward service like google or yahoo mail.

Zendemic Messaging is only available for Android, there is no desktop version at the moment.



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